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25. The British National Party and the EDL

The proscription of the EDL was announced in a formal statement by then BNP national organiser Eddy Butler in September 2009 as follows:

“The British National Party does not wish to be associated with the English Defence League in any way whatsoever.”

The leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP, has reminded all party supporters that the English Defence League is a proscribed organisation and members are under no circumstances to attend or encourage others to attend any of that group’s meetings.

Mr Griffin said in a statement.

“All British National Party members are reminded that the EDL was declared a proscribed organisation, so to attend or to encourage attendance at any of its activities is a disciplinary offence. We yield to no-one in our opposition to the Islamification of Britain”

Speaking to BNP news, Mr. Griffin confirmed that he had written to Lee Barnes, for several years the head of the BNP Legal Department, removing him from that position on account of his call for all British nationalists to join the EDL demos:

“Mr. Barnes is entitled to his opinions, and to urge others to attend, but he cannot do so from a position within the BNP hierarchy. So I have thanked him for his past efforts on our behalf and the sterling service he has rendered the party on a number of occasions, and told him that we have to part company over this issue. We cannot risk allowing the media to tar the BNP with the EDL brush.

The job of BNP leader is to take action to safeguard the party, its elected representatives and its members. This is a job I take seriously, hence my decision in this matter, which is now closed.”

The then Bradford BNP Councillor for Queensbury Paul Cromie added his weight to the call for BNP members and supporters to be responsible and stay away from the EDL:

“It’s everyone’s democratic right to demonstrate peacefully. It’s why we fought two World Wars. But I appeal personally to every single BNP member and supporter: However much you agree with peoples’ right to demonstrate peacefully and that the creeping Islamisation of Britain is a danger, stay away from the EDL.”

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