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A message from the EDL Nottingham Division

As all that travelled with the Nottingham Division to Luton will know after a fantastic demo while on the way back home the coach stopped at Newport Pagnell services during this toilet/cigarette break a group of men attacked members of our coach party, Derby division, Leicester Division, Birmingham Division and members of the public not even associated with the English Defence League.

These thugs were cowards running amok taking swipes at innocent members of our group and when confronted ran back to their coach and hid – unlike these cowards we wasn’t about to target their coach and indanger the innocent members on their coach like they had ours but that does not mean we will stand by and let you go unpunished.
Details have emerged that these cowards are NOT Part of the official Bolton Division ( please read ) but a Bolton white supremisist group using the EDL name to spread racial hatred – they are not members of the English Defence League and after causing problems at a past demo in Dudley were told not to attend future events.

Their ring leader is Kirk John Hilton – He is a known white supremacist in the Bolton area and has along with his friends been banned from ALL future EDL events.

These dirty scum bags are to be treated for what they are cowards they targeted youths and women and when the men of our divisions stood up to them they ran away, even to the point where i saw one of them assault a female whom he was traveling with so he could get past her to hide.

My final word to you Mr Hilton and your cowardly friends the Nottingham Division will never forget what you did, nor the EMI and United Midlands you are not wanted in the EDL you never will be – you are scum and you will be punished.

Please note:
The services where covered with CCTV and police are investigating the incident but the English Defence League urges those who were assulted to make complaints and get these cowardly scum of our streets.

The views expressed in the above post are the author’s and are not intended to be construed as being those of the English Defence League.

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Full list of Anti British Traitors who signed UAF Founding Statement.

Signatories to the UAF founding statement.

Please remember them and post this list far and wide

Ken Livingstone
Tony Benn
Peter Hain MP
David Hanson MP
Adam Price MP
Barbara Follett MP
Diane Abbott MP
John Cryer MP
John Trickett MP
Keith Vaz MP
Peter Bottomley MP
Alice Mahon MP
Alan Meale MP
Ian Gibson MP
Sir Teddy Taylor MP
Harry Cohen MP
Betty Williams MP
Ken Purchase MP
Laura Moffatt MP
Peter Bradley MP
Vera Baird MP
Bill Etherington MP
Edward Garnier MP
Roger Berry MP
Angela Smith MP
Brian Iddon MP
Anthony Steen MP
Mike Hancock MP
Colin Pickthall MP
Clive Betts MP
Janet Anderson MP
Neil Gerrard MP
Jane Griffiths MP
Brian Donohue MP
Helen Clark MP
Terry Davis MP
Janet Dean MP
Adrian Bailey MP
David Cameron MP
Louise Ellman MP
Eric Illsley MP
Kelvin Hopkins MP
Ernie Ross MP
Rob Marris MP
Martin Caton MP
Jim Sheridan MP
Martin Jones MP
Paul Tyler MP
Colin Challen MP
David Wright MP
Rudi Vis MP
Tony Worthington MP
Derek Watts MP
Julie Morgan MP
Rev W Martin Smyth MP
Diana Organ MP
Doug Henderson MP
Barry Gardiner MP
Brendan Barber TUC General Secretary
Roger Lyons TUC President and AMICUS Joint Gen Sec
Dave Prentis UNISON Gen Sec
Tony Woodley TGWU Gen Sec
Billy Hayes CWU Gen Sec
Sir Bill Connor Gen Sec USDAW
Andy Gilchrest FBU Gen Sec
Gordon Taylor Chief Exec PFA
Adrian Askew CONNECT Gen Sec
Bob Crow RMT Gen Sec
Doug Nichols CYWU Gen Sec
Ed Sweeney UNIFI Gen Sec
Janice Godrich PCS President
Jeremy Dear NUJ Gen Sec
Judy McKnight NAPO Gen Sec
Kevin Curran GMB Gen Sec
Mark Serwotka PCS Gen Sec
Paul Mackney NATHFHE Gen Sec
Peter Pendle ACM Gen Sec
Rosie Eagleson AMO Gen Sec
Steve Kemp NUM Gen sec
Sally Hunt AUT Gen Sec
Glenys Kinnock MEP
Gary Titley MEP
Linda McAvan MEP
Glyn Ford MEP
Chris Heaton-Harris MEP
Claude Moraes MEP
Phillip Whitehead MEP
Stephen Hughes MEP

David Seymour Political Editor, Daily Mirror
Mark Seddon Tribune Editor
Afzal Khan North West rep Muslim Council of Britain
Dr. Richard Stone
Lawrie & Ruby Nerva Poale Zion
Kashmir Singh General Sec British Sikh Federation
Benjamin Zephaniah Poet
Beresford Mack Choice FM
Bobbie Miles The 1990 Trust, Asst. Director
Carolyn Jones Director, Institute of Employment Rights
Clive Mardner Director Essex REC
Dr. Siddiqui Muslim Parliament
George Anthony-Maggie Bowden Liberation
Hilary Wainwright Editor, Red Pepper
John Haylett Editor, Morning Star
Leroy Logan Metrpolitan Black Police Association Chair
Louise Christian Human Rights Lawyer
Louise Hutchins NUS/SAAR,
Luciana Burger NUS
Paul Foot Journalist
Mark Steele Journalist
Roni Size Musician
Michael Rosen writer
Laurie Heselden Acting Regional Secretary SERTUC
Essex Racial Equality Council
Liberal Democrats North West Region
Mohammed Azam Coalition Against Racism – Unite to Stop the BNP
Jason Fraser Photo Journalist

Supporting bands include:

Bernard Butler
The Chemical Brothers
Country Teasers
Damian Rice
The Datsuns
David Gray
Dan Martin from Electric 6
Fourtet (Kieron Hebden)
Franz Ferdinand
Future Pilot AKA
The Glitterati
Hot Chip
James Yorkston and The Athletes
Jarvis Cocker
King Creosete and The Fence Collective
Kings of Leon
The Libertines
Suggs and Madness
Massive Attack
Max Tundra
The Rebel
Saint Etienne
The Strokes
Teenage Fanclub
X is Loaded

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Extremism crackdown as cash withheld from ‘suspect groups’.

• Funding cut to Muslim bodies after PM speech
• Steps to combat rise of radicalism in universities

Foreign secretary William Hague and the EHRC’s Trevor Phillips discuss the Tory policy on the Andrew Marr Show. Photograph: Jeff Overs/BBC/PA

The government has already started to withdraw state cash from what it regards as suspect Islamist groups that had previously been funded to reach young Muslims at risk of being drawn to terrorist networks.

New, tougher criteria are being applied, with hundreds of thousands of pounds being withdrawn from specific groups after it was deemed they were too soft on Islamic extremism.

Ministers are also awaiting a report in the next fortnight from a Universities UK working group, which has been in preparation for a year, on how to combat Islamic extremism on university campuses.
The working group, including eight vice-chancellors, was established in response to the arrest of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab in the US for an attempted act of terrorism. Abdulmutallab studied at University College London between 2005 and 2008.

The report is likely to call for greater rigour in the selection of speakers and stronger oversight of religious societies. University vice-chancellors have been accused by thinktanks such as Quilliam, a Muslim counter-extremist group, of being complacent about the radicalisation that is taking place in higher education.

Today, it was being stressed by the government that David Cameron‘s call for a more “muscular liberalism” to combat home-grown terror, made in a speech in Munich on Saturday, was not simply rhetorical. It would lead to practical changes, including the wholesale review of the Prevent strategy set up by Labour.

One outcome is likely to lead to a greater focus on specific areas where propagandists for terrorism are known to be operating, including community centres and gyms. There is also expected to be a clearer separation of resources to fight terrorism, and general community cohesion work.

With Labour claiming Cameron’s speech was ill-timed, coming on the day of a march by the English Defence League (EDL), Cameron’s aides said he had been preparing the speech since Christmas following seminars at Chequers, and it was always intended to be delivered at the Munich security conference this weekend.

One government source said: “There is going to be a real shift in who we fund and who ministers share platforms with. It has already started. There used to be a view in the home office that the best way to engage dangerous people was through some people who were not themselves extremists, but shared much of their thinking . We think it is better to confront all forms of extremism – the kind of people that support Jihad abroad, but say no Jihad here, or at least not now.”

The “British values” set out by Cameron in his speech – freedom of speech, freedom of speech and equality between sexes – will be the criteria by which the government will engage in future.

Haras Rafiq, director of anti-extremist organisation Centri, said he fully supported the prime minister’s call for a ban on the public funding of Muslim groups that did little to tackle extremism. He blamed some of the current misdirection of funds on failings by the Prevent programme, which has spent £53m on more than 1,000 counter-terrorism projects since it was set up in 2007 in the wake of the 7/7 London bombings.

Rafiq said: “A lot of funding is going to groups that hold vile views that are not acceptable in a tolerant, liberal society like the UK. Some support suicide bombing, attacks on British troops in Iraq or Afghanistan and other forms of violent extremism, but they are supported by the government so long as they don’t support violence in the UK – even where they support unacceptable domestic policies like saying it’s wrong for Muslims to vote or it’s sinful for a woman to get into a taxi alone with a man she’s not related to. But my biggest concern is that by funding and promoting fringe elements within British Muslim society, it is tarnishing the whole Muslim community.”

But Mohammed Shafiq of the Ramadhan Foundation, a Muslim youth group, said Cameron had been “deeply irresponsible” to suggest that some publicly-funded groups did little to tackle extremism.
“Where are these Muslim organisations that support extremism? I don’t believe they exist, and if the prime minister believes otherwise he should have the confidence to name them.” Farooq Murad, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said it was important to identify which groups Cameron had been referring to. “The MCB itself, though not in receipt of government funding, has consistently spoken in favour of British values that acknowledge universal human rights and pluralism,” said Murad.

No shadow ministers today followed shadow justice secretary, Sadiq Khan, in claiming David Cameron was involved in “writing propaganda for the EDL” on the day 3,000 English Defence League members held a rally in Luton. Yvette Cooper said Cameron was “unwise” not to have also criticised the EDL, but foreign secretary William Hague said a PM’s speech should not be shelved “because some people have chosen to march down a street”.

Trevor Phillips, Equalities and Human Rights Commission chair, refused to criticise the claim that multiculturalism had failed, but said the PM “may have made life a bit more difficult for himself” by combining the issues of terrorism and integration in one speech.

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EDL poem.

by the Crewe and Nantwich Division English Defence League:

In front of the alter, on my bended knee,
I pray of you lord, please take care of me,
And my brothers and sisters, of the great EDL,
I ask you please lord, look after them all as well.

…In the coming battles, that we all now face,
I ask of you lord, please give us your grace,
And if all our struggles, turn out to be long,
I beg of you lord, please keep us all strong.

And now that our fight, has truly begun,
We shall never stop, until we have won,
It will not be easy, of this I am sure
But we are determined, to win in our war.

We will all stand united, with hand in hand,
And defend our great people, and defend our great land,
So lord please protect us, I ask this of thee,
Then we shall march on together, and claim victory.

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