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Student Protesters Can Behave If They Want To

The EDL were successfully ‘Kettled’ on  Saturday 5th January in Luton. Police tactics were the same as those  used in all three London student demonstrations. A route was agreed,  police lines were deployed to keep the marchers within that route and  organisers had their own marshals to assist.

About 2000 – 3000 potentially violent football thugs were ‘escorted’ in a moving ‘kettle’ from the railway station to St  Georges Square and then contained while they listened to speeches etc,  before being escorted back to the railway station.

St Georges Square, Luton. Taken 5 minutes after the EDL supporters left the area. Note the fencing still in place, the undamaged public phone boxes and lack of graffiti.

Here are some points:
1. They passed several unguarded police vans and did NOT trash them.
2. There was NO criminal damage or large-scale violence.
3. NO police officers were assaulted.
4 They achieved mass media coverage for their cause.
Many people are asking  why the EDL can cooperate in a perfectly  acceptable way with these tactics when according to the perceived  left-wing wisdom, ‘Kettling’ causes people to boil over and be violent?
The answer is simple:
1. They didn’t ‘kick off’ because they decided to remain peaceful because it suited their agenda.
2. The organisation itself was VERY CLEAR on social networking sites beforehand that they did not want any trouble.

Parliament Square, London. Taken the day after student protesters left the area. Students say damage to buildings is inconsequential; but who pays for repairs?

EDL supporters are as angry and frustrated about their agenda as the  students, if not more so. My view is that if the EDL can behave in  public, student protesters can too.

Or are we saying that students have more ‘anger management’ and ‘self control issues’ than football hooligans?

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