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The following is made up of comments from MPACUK’s website. This website is perhaps the most popular Islamist/Muslim website in the UK.

Some would argue that selecting ‘comments’, rather than official articles, etc., is unfair because they may not reflect the organistion (MPACUK) itself. However, because of the wide-ranging and often-used Islamic technique of Taqiyya (lies, dissimulation, distortion, etc. in order to further the cause of Islam), you could say that the comments section actually gives us a truer and more honest take on what many British Muslims actually think. That is, Taqiyya is not in force in the ‘Comments’ section, as it is in the official articles, new pieces, etc. of this Muslim website.

You could not make up the extreme comments which follow. And they were quickly selected and hardly shortened or edited. I got all the following from the ‘Comments’ sections of only two articles/news pieces.

The Comments from MPACUK:

On the EDL and the Media

not a word in the media i forgot the media have stooped reporting on daily attacks on muslims around the country and attacks on mosques alot of the media are behind the EDL…

the rising of edl is due to the western media propaganda against muslims. edl are a bunch of stupid people who dont use their brain believing in anything the western media tells them
, they allowed themselves to get brainwashed by the western media and started this racist stupid group. – Slater

… why is it that muslim get arrested just to mention one word against these so called groups which are backed up by media and government i.e EDL , football hooligans,members of the underclass of Britain and far right facists etc…its all political and its sad that our muslim in parliment are alseep. – A Muslim

the racist EDL came and tryed to disturb the cancelled event from Troxy in tower hamlets to hilton in Edgeare rd , but were dealt with swiftly by the brothers!
Allah hu Akbar! – by Fight the EDL Now!

Why allow the Left to lead Muslims? Isn’t that another threat to our identity? The Left is explicit about wanting to win us to their ranks through joint work. The Government would also prefer Muslims to join the Left rather than work for Islam. If the EDL successfully paints us as violent, scares us into silence or pushes us towards the Left they have won.
We have Islam. We should use our Deen to direct us. The Left can follow behind but not in front. The Sunnah makes that clear. – Hassanmach

The likes of EDL and the BNP might be a threat to our lives and property but they certainly are not a threat to the Muslims’ Identity, infact they strengthen it by galvanizing muslims and reminding muslims of the extreme end of the kaafir threat.

Muslims have to be careful in dealing with the like of UAF. Muslims should remember that these folks are mostly athiests and would treat Islamic teachings with disdain and rejection. Muslims should USE the likes of UAF to their advantage.

The UAF is a secular organisation, they want to promote the ideas and ideals of secularism – that poeple are all the same, regardless of religion, that it does’nt matter what you believe, because faith to them, Islam to them, is utterly false and irrelevent. THIS IS A FAR GREATER THREAT TO MUSLIM IDENTITY THAN THE HATE OF THE EDL. And muslims should be aware.
regards. – Voltage Brother

In your blind love, reverence and subservience for the Englishman you have failed to see the point that is being discussed here… This is about leadership and specifically who muslims should be following.

What do the doggy busicuits taste like? You know the ones you get from Mr English everytime you tell a Muslim to get out of the UK for not supporting England and the like? Mr English must love it when you do that, even more than when you wave your kafir crusader flag of st george.
Btw, the world has changed, your beloved British empire is no more, people have moved all over. I’m afraid to tell you that you know. If one does’nt like the scum that exists in the land you are then you try to get rid of the scum – it’s quite simple. – Voltage Brother

this place is getting sadder by the day. there are some really sad deluded people here with the mentality of indian sepoy coolies under the evil British raj.

Saddos like ‘slick’ have turned English Man into an idol who they worship like a hindu god, protrating before him and serving him because they think he has given them all their ‘fruits’. Poeple like slick suffer from the same delusion as did those foolish, duped people of the world who got conned by the devious and insidious British Empire – they too saw a ‘white man’ and thought of him as some god to obey and serve.

It’s staggering that in 2010 there are people who still have the same backward mentality.
Voltage Brother

It’s funny you know, how effective the English Man is at psycologically subjugating the likes of shadowlite into being a servile coolie who waves the kaafir crusader flag of St george when his football team plays.

The English Man emigrated and bred in what we now call ‘America’, he emigrated and bred in what we now call ‘South Africa’, emigrated and bred what we now call ‘Australia’. He did’nt like the native poeple and country and so changed them to how he deemed fit. I don’t think the English Man or his slave lackies like Shadowlite is in any position to complain when the same happens to him. What goes around, comes around – as they say. But at least the English man should be thankful that unlike what he perpetrated, others are not committing mass murder and apartied. – Voltage Brother

as for what im doing, im involved in alot of community work,

1. Centralising the community around the mosque and making the mosque multi dimensional and a progressive leadership and supportive role, in particularly the youth. I make a big issues of developing leadership of character. And how they can make a difference to the world. I play a key role in educating upon an achademic role,.
2. Educate muslim about zionism and the creation of israel and what has been happening. In adidition EDL, BNP and recent develops. Our communities must be aware, unable to tackle situations.
3. Develop relationships with them and their associative politicians in the issues of the above. and have got results and our MP and most of our MEPs onside to our agenda. and we can keep an eye on them cos we know the tools that unable us to do so. And they know we have that ability. and they know they are accountable to us. A recent result is that our MP contributed to the signing of the 127 EDM, that criticised israel over the gaza attacks, and the EDM that calls for the UK to lobby the EU to cut the EU-Israel trade agreement… – ShadowLite

Ibn `Abidin in his Rasa’il (2:291 Sall al-Husam al-Hindi) said that a Muslim who unjustly calls another Muslim kafir commits kufr if he really considers him kafir but not if he only intents to insult him. In the latter case he only commits fisq. We seek refuge in Allah from the accusations of the ignorant and the fitan of our times. – Even Better Informed

On the Jews and the Media

If the whole of the massive, growing daily, Muslim world, can’t do anything about the tiny dot of Israel, no matter how much they whinge or attack, then it must be Allahs will that Isam is the undog of Judaism. – Ha nony mo Coward

The Ultra Orthodox Jews say a TV is a sewer running through your living room and that’s why they don’t have them. Here is the proof that the “true” Jews have know all along that the media (broadcast & print) is totally controlled around the world by the Zionists and it is aimed at perverting and undermining you.

Answer don’t buy TV’s or Radios as they are the gateway for evil into your home; Don’t go to movies which always show Muslims in negative light and try to make people hate Muslims; Don’t buy newspapers because they just repeat the same lies as TV & Radio. Even Press TV is controlled by the Pressberger family, a Zionazi clan based in Tel Aviv and New York. This Jewish cabal control Ahmedinejad getting him to say stupid things so that the US industrial – military complex can grab more of the worlds resources. Conveniently every time the USM~C wants a new weapon system Ahmedenejad comes out with some outrageous statement and lo & behold Congress stumps up the cash.

The International Jewish conspiracy that controls the worlds trade & information systems has by the throat. So powerful is this control that we do not even know if the things that the Islamic satellite channels are telling us about Islam is true. Everything we hear is a lie! – It is time on Thu

Have you ever wondered why Israel has 200 nuclear warheads? It’s not to attack any of it’s Middle East neighbours, they only need a couple to do that. They have 200 warheads to threaten us in Europe and USA – no wonder they can get away with all that they do. – mostly harmless

That’s why Muslims need to understand the existential threat that ZioNazism poses to civilisation. ZioNazis are not ashamed of Holocausting Palestinian Muslims and Christians and they openly voices this desire

Israel not only threatens Muslims, it also threaten Western Democracy. Zionists everywhere are trying their best to turn Western Democracy to another version of Israeli ethnocracy where Zionists can steal, massacre and abuse others without being punished.

Israel poses an existential threat to civilisation. – Zack

Zionists are master defamers and liars. No wonder some of them do it for a living.

The interesting point here is the complete irrationality that Zionists will use to dismiss reality and solid evidence. It is typical of a novice defamer to try to portray the aid activists as terrorists. It is very obvious to everyone that the terrorists are the Zionists. – Zack

According to WIKIPEDIA there are 9 states with Nuclear weapons. Israel have total 80 Nuclear weapons. We don’t need to worried about Israel Hezbollah is enough for them. Only one Muslim state who have Nuclear weapons which is Pakistan. we have 90 Nuclear weapons its more then Israel and over missiles can reach telabib they know it. – Abid

From: The Muslim Public Affairs Committe website:

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