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Will there be UAF/SWP violence at the EDL demo in Rochdale?

EDL Extra comments on the Rochdale Observer news item, ‘EDL and UAF to hold simultaneous protests in Rochdale’, by Simon Coyle, 1.2.2011. (Comments in bold.)

Far right group the English Defence League (EDL) is to stage a demonstration in Rochdale town centre on Saturday. [The EDL is not ‘far right’! ‘Far right’ = fascist. The EDL is not a fascist group.]

The anti-Islamist group have planned a protest outside Rochdale Town Hall.

In response members of left wing campaign group Unite Against Fascism are to demonstrate at the same time. [So the EDL is ‘far right’ but UAF is simply classed as ‘left wing’? Yet UAF is run by the far-left Trotskyist party, the Socialist Workers Party, which believes in violent revolution and supports terrorist groups like Hamas and, formerly, the IRA.]

Hundreds are expected to take part in the anti-fascism march in Stoneyfield Park, Boundary Street, Deeplish at 11am. [It will not be an ‘anti-fascism march’ at all. It will be a Trotskyist march against English patriots and English anti-Islamists – not the same thing. In fact UAF supports Islamofascists like Hamas, Hezbollah and a whole host of other killers and extremists. But they’re Brown, Exotic and not ‘Western capitalists’.]

Barbara Cook, who has helped organise the Unite Against Fascism march said: “We have heard that the EDL are coming in response to the allegations in the media regarding the exploitation of young girls. [‘Allegations’? They aren’t allegations! Muslims pimp and groom non-Muslim girls on a massive scale throughout England; especially in the North West (e.g., Bradford, Keighley, Blackburn, Oldham and, yes, Rochdale). Can the Brown Exotic Oppressed do no wrong in the eyes of UAF and other far leftists? Can only white people ‘exploit young girls’ and be fascists and racists? It seems so.]

“We are a very multicultural town and have a good relationship within the community and as a community we should come out in force. [More leftist soundbites with zero content and zero factual status.]

“We are not out to fight, we are out to demonstrate peacefully.” [Oh yes?! Is that why your leader, Martin Smith, has been arrested more than two times for acts of violence at UAF demos? Is that why another UAF leader, Weyman Bennett, was also arrested for encouraging violence at the Bolton demo? Is that why the UAF/SWP act out their leftist violent fantasies at every EDL ‘counter-demo’?]

According to an EDL internet message board the group will be meeting at Rochdale railway station .

The Observer contacted the EDL but at the time of going to press no-one was available to comment.

A spokesman from Greater Manchester Police said they have not received a formal request for protest from the EDL. [Usually the EDL does liaise with the police; so I’m not sure what’s happened here.]

A Rochdale council spokesman said the authority was aware of the planned EDL demonstration and was working with Greater Manchester Police but had not given any permission.

We will be covering the protests live on English Defence League Extra on Saturday.

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  1. Firstly, let me point out that you have missed out the ‘i’ in ‘Division’ in your logo. It’s not good practice.

    Next, let me tell you that there is a simultaneous anti-cuts demo in Manchester where the majority of the UAF ‘rent-a-crowd’ will be partaking in the festivities there. Therefore the EDL will not face the size of the opposition it did in Manchester.

    At events like this it is usual for the pakistani population of the town to make themselves scarce; they vanish for days afterwards. I can’t see there being any opposition from the locals. Trade might make a fuss, but that’s expected.

    Between the railway station and the town hall is a quarter of a mile of Drake Street, which is populated by pakistani muslims, as you will find.

    The townsfolk are screaming ‘racism’ but I don’t find anything more racist than one race of people intimating to another race that their children have lass value than their own to justify the expolitation of the others children, which is the sum of the developments in Rochdale in this regard. This was the expaination given by the towns muslim representative when asked for an opinion.

    Check out the promo vids:

    Best regards,


    Comment by M | March 3, 2011 | Reply

  2. Firstly, let me point out that you have missed out the ‘i’ in ‘Division’ in your logo. It’s not good practice. THANKS I’LL LET ROCHDALE KNOW.

    Comment by English Defence League Network | March 4, 2011 | Reply

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