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A message from the EDL Nottingham Division

As all that travelled with the Nottingham Division to Luton will know after a fantastic demo while on the way back home the coach stopped at Newport Pagnell services during this toilet/cigarette break a group of men attacked members of our coach party, Derby division, Leicester Division, Birmingham Division and members of the public not even associated with the English Defence League.

These thugs were cowards running amok taking swipes at innocent members of our group and when confronted ran back to their coach and hid – unlike these cowards we wasn’t about to target their coach and indanger the innocent members on their coach like they had ours but that does not mean we will stand by and let you go unpunished.
Details have emerged that these cowards are NOT Part of the official Bolton Division ( please read ) but a Bolton white supremisist group using the EDL name to spread racial hatred – they are not members of the English Defence League and after causing problems at a past demo in Dudley were told not to attend future events.

Their ring leader is Kirk John Hilton – He is a known white supremacist in the Bolton area and has along with his friends been banned from ALL future EDL events.

These dirty scum bags are to be treated for what they are cowards they targeted youths and women and when the men of our divisions stood up to them they ran away, even to the point where i saw one of them assault a female whom he was traveling with so he could get past her to hide.

My final word to you Mr Hilton and your cowardly friends the Nottingham Division will never forget what you did, nor the EMI and United Midlands you are not wanted in the EDL you never will be – you are scum and you will be punished.

Please note:
The services where covered with CCTV and police are investigating the incident but the English Defence League urges those who were assulted to make complaints and get these cowardly scum of our streets.

The views expressed in the above post are the author’s and are not intended to be construed as being those of the English Defence League.

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