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EDL Leadership’s official statement to the connection with JTF and Victor Vancier

by English Defence League (EDL) on Friday, 18 February 2011 at 15:22

Another week another story wound up into a frenzy by the far left as a recent blog quiet rightly pointed out the EDL is a wet dream for the purposeless lefties.

A member of the Jewish Division this week decided to link herself with terrorist organisation JTF. This was the decision and wishes of one single individual within the EDL, and does not in any way shape or form mean that the EDL is linked with this movement. We would like to make it clear that the decision to release a statement of this fact was done so without any consultation or agreement with anyone in the EDL leadership team.

The EDL will never be associated with something that it was formed and exists to combat and eradicate ‘TERRORISM’, and hopes its members understand and realise this.

As we have stated before hysteria and realisation in this country has seen the EDL has grown at an unprecedented rate over the 20 months of existence. Unfortunately this means it is impossible for the EDL to be held responsible for the actions of every individual, unless a decision and statement is released on the EDL official fan page or the EDL website then it does not represent the decision of the movement.

The English Defence League has worked closely with the Jewish Defence League since its formation as it has with a number of other faiths and religions. The EDL is open for all to join but its purpose still stands to defend England from Islamism and Islamists, while forging links with similar groups around the globe.

Any one person can create a story and put it on Facebook for all to see and the rumour hungry left swallow it up and spew it out with Headlines such as ‘EDL forges link with terrorist’. Well we have not and never will forge links with this group.

There are also a number of pictures that have been ‘exposed’ by the left of people wearing JTF jackets at the Luton demonstration. With over 5000 people in attendance again this is something impossible to police, and again doe not mean the EDL support this group.

The EDL will now hold further discussions with the JDL based in England and if the they continue with their plans to forge links with the terrorist JTF, the EDL will have no option but to sever its links with the JDL as we can not support terrorist sympathisers.

This however does not in anyway mean that we will sever ties with any Jewish people who wish to support the EDL and hope that the Jewish division of the EDL can grow stronger and assist us in our fight against the Islamisation of this great nation. The critical issue for the EDL is English sovereignty and opposition to Islamic Jihad.

The EDL Facebook Admin team have also become involved in a number of statements from the Jewish Division. The Leadership would like to point out that the admin team are made up of the core team that sit under the leadership in the EDL structure, they are involved in all decisions regarding the EDL movement and will continue to do so. The work these guys dedicate to the cause is unprecedented and any member of the movement should not disrespect them.

No Surrender

EDL Leadership

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