The Traitors Gate

UAF Hunting Club

EDL poem.

by the Crewe and Nantwich Division English Defence League:

In front of the alter, on my bended knee,
I pray of you lord, please take care of me,
And my brothers and sisters, of the great EDL,
I ask you please lord, look after them all as well.

…In the coming battles, that we all now face,
I ask of you lord, please give us your grace,
And if all our struggles, turn out to be long,
I beg of you lord, please keep us all strong.

And now that our fight, has truly begun,
We shall never stop, until we have won,
It will not be easy, of this I am sure
But we are determined, to win in our war.

We will all stand united, with hand in hand,
And defend our great people, and defend our great land,
So lord please protect us, I ask this of thee,
Then we shall march on together, and claim victory.

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