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CrossTalk: New Face of Fascism?

From: RussiaToday Mar 14, 2011 On this edition of Peter Lavelle’s CrossTalk: European leaders proclaim that multiculturalism has failed. Has this opened the door wider to radical and hateful parties and groups on the political right?

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British sniper takes out TWO Taliban with a single bullet: Extraordinary images show how crack shot killed insurgents

Two snipers killed 75 Taliban in only 40 days in Helmand Province
In one two-hour session they fatally shot eight Taliban

On a dusty road in Afghanistan, British soldiers inspect the bodies of two dead Taliban soldiers – one a known insurgent commander.

The James Bond-style gun barrel view through a rifle’s crosshairs offers some explanation as to what has just taken place in the notoriously dangerous Helmand Province.

But it does not tell the full amazing story of the moment a crack British sniper, from a distance of 196 metres, needed just one bullet to kill two insurgents fleeing on a motorcycle.

The shot is so rare among snipers that it has its own nickname, the ‘Quigley’, which derived from a cowboy film in which a character played by Tom Selleck manages the ‘trick shot’.

Soldiers from 4 Rifles check the bodies of the two Taliban killed with one bullet fired by Rifleman Mark Osmond while local children look on.

Yet this was not Hollywood special effects or camera trickery. This was the real-life work of Rifleman Mark Osmond.

The stunning feat is revealed in a new book called Dead Men Risen: The Welsh Guards and the Real Story of Britain’s War in Afghanistan.

The book, written by Toby Harnden, reveals the routines of Rifleman Osmond, 25, and his colleague Sergeant Tom Potter, 30.

Osmond and Potter are not the the pair’s real names – they were changed for security reasons – but in a 40-day stretch beginning in August 2009, in a remote patrol base in Shamal Storrai, the duo chalked up an astonishing 75 Taliban kills between them, with Potter killing 31.

And a majority of those kills were at a distance of 1,200metres – the longest-range kill being one of Potter’s 1,430metres away.

In one two-hour patch they managed to kill an astonishing eight Taliban.

But the two-in-one shot, know in sniper jargon as a ‘Quigley’ – after the 1990 film Quigley Down Under in which Tom Selleck’s character blasts his way thought the movie with devastating effects – is the trick shot that the author of the new book describes with particular gusto.

In an extract of the Harnden’s book, serialised in the Telegraph, he wrote: ‘On September 12, a known Taliban commander appeared on the back of a motorcycle with a passenger riding pillion.

‘There was a British patrol in the village of Gorup-e Shesh Kalay and under the rules of engagement, the walkie-talkie the Taliban pair were carrying was designated a hostile act.

‘As they drove off, Osmond fired warning shots with his pistol and then picked up his L96, the same weapon – serial number 0166 – he had used in Iraq and on the butt of which he had written, “I love u 0166”.

‘Taking deliberate aim, he fired a single shot. The bike tumbled and both men fell onto the road and lay there motionless.

‘When the British patrol returned, they checked the men and confirmed they were both dead, with large holes through their heads.

‘The 7.62 mm bullet Osmond had fired had passed through the heads of both men. He had achieved the rare feat of “one shot, two kills”known in the sniping business as “a Quigley”.’

Harden continued: ‘The snipers used suppressors, reducing the sound of the muzzle blast. Although a ballistic crack could be heard, it was almost impossible to work out where the shot was coming from.

‘With the bullet travelling at three times the speed of sound, a victim was unlikely to hear anything before he died.

‘Walkie-talkie messages revealed that the Taliban thought they were being hit from helicopters.

The pair, who competed at the 2006 British Army Sniper Championships, tallied up the deaths by drawing stickmen above their chosen shooting points – and if a stickman had no head, it indicated that that fatality had been caused by a direct hit to the skull.

‘Major Mark Gidlow-Jackson, their company commander, describes Potter and Osmond as the “epitome of the thinking riflemen” that his regiment sought to produce.

‘He said: “They know the consequences of what they’re doing and they are very measured men.

“They are both highly dedicated to the art of sniping. They’re both quiet, softly spoken, utterly charming, two of the nicest men in the company, if the most dangerous.”‘

– Dead Men Risen: The Welsh Guards and the Real Story of Britain’s War in Afghanistan by Toby Harnden has been published by Quercus Publishing and will be available for purchase from March 17

In the sights: Another image shows the view the snipers would have had, as described in detail in a new book

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Latest pic of newly wed couple who claim the EDL ruined their marriage in Rochdale.

The Happy Couple !

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The true pictures and commentary from the Dagenham Demo 12/3/2011

Saturday, 12 March 2011 – 1300 locals say no !! Don’t they matter ?

To Becontree Dagenham for the EDL Demo and rally in protest against the building of a mosque (and community centre) despite the opposition of local residents and the advice of the Council planning officials.

I arrived early to take another look at the site. To recap the Becontree Heath Islamic Society has acquired the site of four shops on one corner of the crossroad where Burnside Road crosses Green Lane. On the other corners are a halal butchers, a halal restaurant and the block of flats on the site of the Royal Oak pub.

A few enthusiasts of Unite Against Fascism (aka Unite all fascists) were gathering outside the site of the intended mosque and the Halal restaurant on the opposite corner. Council workers were unloading barricades from a lorry. Unison is one of the public service unions whose members face job losses and redundancies. This Saturday this woman has other things to concern her. She didn’t do very well with her leaflets – some were torn up in front of her and other people refused to take them.

I decided to walk the route of the march which was to start just past Chadwell Heath railway station to meet it at its start point. The march moved off, maybe 200-300 strong, (including two men I know from March for England) and picking up interested people on the way.

We stopped at Chadwell heath station where flowers were laid and a minutes silence held for the supporter who was killed in an accident there last month.

“Out of respect for the family we are keeping this quiet and simple. We won’t name him but he was someone’s son and someone’s brother, he was a patriot and a good lad”

Traffic slowed down to see what was happening and every driver that I observed wound down his or her window to accept a flyer explaining the purpose of the march.

“This is a peaceful protest to sow support for the people of Dagenham whose wishes are being overlooked by their elected council”

We made our way down Burnside Road south towards Green Lane. The Hinds Head pub in Burnside Road closed in 2009.

Local residents came out of their houses to wave and cheer from their gardens. Some joined in. One woman offered the use of her house for toilet facilities. The marshals ensured that marchers kept to the pavement on both sides of the road until we neared the junction with Green Lanes on the one way section which had been cordoned off for the rally. Then the march centred on the road.

At Green Lane the police asked EDL members to remain inside the area set aside but I was able to wander round some back doubles and back into Green Lane to observe from the front.

The UAF had been moved along to a position in front of the bakers and handy for the bus stop.

Here they are, all 10 of them, enjoying a take away latte.

As well as the Unison flag there were flags of the other public service unions. Unite fund the UAF heavily. PCS are the Civil Service union which did nothing to help me when my job was reorganised (cut).

I saw they had a group in discussion with them. I have no idea what was said but as a No 128 bus came up they all got on it with police assistance. The 128 goes from Becontree Heath to Claybury. Claybury used to be the site of one of the London County Lunatic Asylums which opened in 1893 and was still serving as a NHS psychiatric hospital until it closed 100 years later when Care in the Community was felt to be a better means of treatment. The sight of the UAF sat on the top deck tickled my rather silly sense of humour.

They left their placards behind. I wasn’t the only person offended at reading “EDL not welcome” when we live (or once lived) in the borough. This woman decided to tidy up her street after them.

Whose streets? Our streets!

Back at the EDL site the singing and speeches were attracting an audience of local people who were pleased that someone, even if it was not their elected representatives, was taking note of their views. Local women were handing round their second petition. Children were lifted onto the halal butcher’s empty stall to get a better view, where several of them danced to the songs that were sung.

Kev Carroll one of the founding leaders of the EDL had travelled from Luton. He assured the people of Dagenham that if the Council did not take heed of their objections and refused to reconsider their support for the mosque then a national EDL demonstration would be called and members from all over the country would come to lend support. This pronouncement was cheered and clapped.

LBBD has very strict rules about the drinking of alcohol in public which the EDL members kept. The march was well supervised by EDL stewards and accompanied by the police. It was good humoured throughout although something was thrown at them from one passing car – one of the few motorists who didn’t toot an encouraging rhythmic phrase. After the rally finished marchers were escorted up Burnside Road back towards Chadwell Heath Station and a welcoming pub for some refreshment and a chance to socialise.

I had got talking to a family who were doing their shopping. They were disappointed that Green Lanes is no longer the shopping centre for their needs that it used to be. The husband said that the involvement of the EDL gave him hope that now the authorities would be made to listen at last because “Luv – this is just going to get bigger and bigger”.

We have drawn the line. Let Dagenham be where the islamsation of East London encroaching into Essex stops.

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Photos of the murder of the Fogel family in the town of Itama… on Twitpic

Photos of the murder of the Fogel family in the town of Itama… on Twitpic.

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Notes on the scum who’ll be at the West Mids UAF Conference (2.4.2011)

West Mids UAF conference: Stop the rise of the far right
West Midlands UAF is holding a conference on stopping the rise of the far right, on Saturday 2 April.

Speakers for the event include Jack Dromey MP, Cllr Salma Yaqoob, UAF joint secretaries Weyman Bennett and Sabby Dhalu, John Partridge – Midlands assistant general secretary at Unitethe union, Paul Scarrat of Yorkshire and Humber UAF and speakers from the Muslim Association of Briatin and the North Staffs Campaign Against Racism and Fascism.

While the electoral rise of the BNP has been checked by antifascist campaigning, the threat posed by racist and fascist ideology is far from over.

Across Europe and the US we have seen a rising tide of racism, particularly aimed at Muslims. In Britain, this has encouraged a climate in which ideas that few years ago would have been regarded as completely racist are now seen as increasingly ‘respectable’, and has spurred on the rise of the English Defence League.

West Midlands UAF says:

“The sustained attack on the very idea of multiculturalism coming from mainstream politicians has been taken up and sharpened by the far right. That is why we need to keep organising to stop the rise of the far right.”

The conference will take up three themes:

1. DEFEATING THE BNP AT THE BALLOT BOX. Antiracists and antifascists must continue to organise against the British National Party electorally, so that the humiliation they suffered in Barking and Dagenham last year is repeated wherever they stand.

2. NO TO THE RACIST THUGS OF THE EDL. Wherever the EDL spread their message of hatred and violence, antiracists must demonstrate for a diverse society.

3. OPPOSE ISLAMOPHOBIA, DEFEND MULTICULTURALISM. We must organise to defend our diverse society from those who hate it.

The conference will be open to all who wish to stand against the rise of the far right and build a diverse multicultural society.

Saturday 2 April, 10am to 1pm.
Refreshments will be provided.

For more information, to book a place, or to contribute, email West Mids UAF or phone 07949 622 903

Notes on some of the speakers at the West Mids UAF Conference

Sabby Dhalu – Basically a career ‘anti-fascist’ and an intellectual/political non-entity. She’s Asian (as Alan Partridge would put it) and may have got her job as an act of Leftist positive and pious discrimination.

Jack Dromey MP – MP for Birmingham’s Erdington; though that doesn’t stop him from having two other houses – one in leafy Suffolk and the other in politically-correct Herne Hill, South London.

He’s married to the super-posh Harriet ‘I was born to lead’ Harman. Harman, of course, began life as a Trot, as did Dromey, and ended up as a snobby Fabian-type New Labourite (as so many have done) who loves to tell people how to live their lives – as Fabians have always done and as Trots would like to do. Jack Dromey MP has been involved in three serious financial scandals in his time and is Labour Treasurer… ummm.

Coun. Salma Yaqoob – Leader of No Respect

John Partridge – Of the far-left union Unite. That’s it. Oh, he appears at conferences like this one too.

Paul Scarrat – Just UAF and he too appears at conferences like this.

and finally……..

The Muslim Association of Britain – The MAB is actively pro-Palestinian. In 2002, it organised a large pro-Palestinian rally in London. Some of the demonstrators dressed up as suicide bombers in support of Hamas and other Islamoterrorists (as was also the case at the 2006 demo outside the Danish embassy, which was also organised by the MAB).

The MAB played a key part in the Stop the War Coalition and helped organise the rally against the war in Iraq (2003). It also did the same in London in Feb 2006, outside the Danish Embassy, against the Danish Cartoons. That is, against the democratic right of free speech and free expression; something these Islamists themselves practice and enjoy but only in order to stop others (non-Muslims) from doing so themselves.

The MAB organised the visit of al-Qaradawi to the UK on 2004. This much-loved Islamist cleric believes in wife-beating, physical punishment for homosexuality, ‘martyrdom’ (suicide bombings) against Israeli citizens and, last not least, he’s a personal friend of Red Kenneth (once ‘rainbow’ and ‘red’, now ‘green’ – in the Islamist, not Green Party, sense). He has also described the Islamist insurgency in Iraq as ‘valiant’.

Dr Azzam al-Tamimi, MAB spokesman, has said that suicide bombings are part of the Islamist ‘struggle’. Has said that Israel will be destroyed and replaced by an Islamic state, and that Jews should ‘sail on the sea in ships back to where they came from and all drown in it’ (2003). He has also said:

‘As a Muslim, martyrdom is an integral part of Islamic theology and these young men from the Islamic perspective are not committing suicide… What they are doing is that they are turning themselves as an act of sacrifice into bombs…’

Osama Saeed, former spokesman of MAB and now prominent at Al Jazeera, has said that it’s not up to British Muslims to defeat or do anything about Islamoterrorism. Not only that. He once said that attacking the idea of the universal Islamic caliphate was ‘the equivalent of criticising the Pope’.

Mohammed Kassem Sawalha is a former president of the MAB. According to US court documents, in the early 1990s Sawalha was a leading militant ‘in charge of Hamas terrorist operations within the West Bank’.

Get the connections? Muslim Brotherhood – MAB – Hamas.

The MAB is the Muslim Brotherhood’s British branch.

The Muslim Brotherhood started its Islamoterrorist campaign of bombings and assassinations in the late 1920s, twenty years before the formation of Israel, forty or so years before Israel ‘occupied’ the West Bank and Gaza, and around seventy-five years before the US/UK ‘invasions’ of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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UAF Epic fail in Dagenham

From the UAF website 08.03.2011 : ‘ Local people and antifascist campaigners are determined to show the racists and fascists are not welcome in Dagenham on 12 March.’

Well it seems obvious, the good folk of Dagenham don’t welcome reprobates of any persuation judging by their overwhelming rejection of the UAF today.

Today was important. It should be shoved down the UAF’s skanky throats whenever they harp on about ‘outsiders’ and ‘locals’ every time the EDL demonstrate. The UAF turnout consisted of less than 10 (TEN) UNION OFFICIALS. No LOCALS supported them. None. ZERO.

I won’t pretend to know the demographics of Dagenham but it would appear the UAF/Unions don’t have a large constituency of ‘local’ muslim youth to call upon and agitate and let’s face it, that’s all they have now.

The students have fucked them off : Remember Manc, Leeds and Bolton had massive student turnouts. Where are they now ? I’ll tell you. They are facing up to the fact they’re going to graduate in massive debt and in competition for jobs going to those willing to work for buttons who can’t speak English. Thanks a bunch NO BORDERS.

Who else is missing ? You’re average decent citizen, that’s who. After all, what normal person isn’t against ‘Fascism’ ? indeed, who wouldn’t embrace ‘Hope’ over ‘Hate’ ? Empty and emotive slogans clearly aren’t working anymore so that’s Joe Public turning his back. He’s proud of his ancestors who actually fought Fascism and whose ‘hope’ now lies in the Lottery. Thanks again, NO BORDERS

Then there’s the middle-class public sector sort who had a job for life….then didn’t. Gold plated pension and a platinum coated conscience both gone. They’re mortgaged up to their necks-ends, and turning their anger on the coalition. ‘Fuck the oppressed of Palestine. I want my life back,’ they’re saying. Or rather, thinking.

Smash the EDL ? They couldn’t give a fuck anymore and the UAF know it. These people may have been stupid during the ‘good times’ but now the shit’s hitting the fan, they’ve deserted, never to return

Taken from Casuals United Blog

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Just to prove Adolf Hitler was a SOCIALIST JEW HATING lefty. In other words just like the UAF!

National Socialist Party – The Early life of Adolf Hitler

Among those vowing to overthrow the Treaty of Versailles was an insignificant corporal in the German army who was in hospital recovering from a gas attack. His name was Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was born in 1889 near Linz in Austria where his father was a customs official. He adored his mother but did not get on at all with his father who died when he was still a child. He did not do well at school. When his mother died he left for Vienna to enter art school. He was turned down by the interview panel. From 1908 – 1913, he then began an aimless existence wandering the streets of Vienna, struggling to make a living by painting postcard scenes of the city. He was very poor and lived in hostels. It was during this time that he began to pick up many of the anti-Semitic (hatred of Jews) views held by extreme groups in that city, perhaps as a result of his own failures and frustrations.

When war broke out in 1914 Hitler immediately went to Munich in Bavaria, Germany and joined the German army. He hated the multi-national Austro-Hungarian Empire and had, in fact, already gone to Munich in 1913 so as to avoid serving in its army. In August 1914 he sought, and received, special permission to join the German army. He was a brave and courageous soldier winning the Iron Cross twice – first and second class – a high military honour. It was very rare for corporals like Hitler to win the Iron Cross first class, which was usually reserved for officers. In 1918 he was badly gassed and was in hospital when the armistice was signed. When he heard the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, he was outraged and, in common with other nationalists, blamed Germany’s defeat on the communists and the Jews.

After the war he returned to Munich where he was given the task to lecture to groups of soldiers. He won a reputation as an effective speaker. He was also told to attend the meetings of extreme nationalist groups and to spy on their activities. When he was ordered to attend the meeting of one tiny nationalist group, the German Worker’s Party, it was to prove a turning point in his life.

When Adolf Hitler became a member of the German Worker’s Party it was tiny, had no money and not much of a political programme. The party had been founded in January 1919 by Anton Drexler to win working class support for nationalist ideas. The party had only 55 members, yet within fourteen years, under Hitler’s leadership, it had been transformed into the most powerful political party in Germany. How did Hitler achieve such success?

National conditions were certainly in favour of such radical nationalist politics. Germany had been defeated and made to sign a humiliating peace treaty. There were continuing threats from left-wing revolutionaries and the economic situation was very unstable.

At first, the Party was little known outside of Bavaria. There were many extreme nationalist groups in existence at the time all vowing to overthrow the Weimar government and restore Germany to greatness again. In early 1919 far left revolutionaries had declared Bavaria a communist republic. In May 1919, the Freikorps and army units had crushed the communist government, killing hundreds of opponents. By 1920 Bavaria was under the control of right wing nationalists led by Gustav Kahr. Hitler’s brand of nationalistic and racist political views found fertile ground. Resigning from the army, he entered politics and began to earn a reputation around the Munich beer halls where political rallies were held, as a brilliant speaker.

The German Workers Party adopted a new name – the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) and in 1921 Hitler became party leader. Helped by the Bavarian army with money and recruits it had become the best organised of the right wing groups in that part of Germany. In order to defend the Party from attacks as well as to break up opponents’ meetings and impress crowds with its discipline, Hitler created the SA (Sturm-Abteilung or storm troopers). By 1923, Hitler had become well known in Bavaria but not in the rest of Germany.

Hitler played a vital role in ensuring that the Nazis were more successful than the other right wing groups through his charismatic personality and powerful speeches. His message was simple. Germany had been defeated and brought to its knees by communists and Jews. Remove these enemies, he argued, and Germany would be great again. Hilter had strong principles which he held until his death. He was also a superb opportunist taking full advantage of any situation that presented itself.

The Munich Hall Putsch 1923
By 1919 Germany was in a financial mess as the economy lay in ruins. Those on fixed pensions found it difficult to make ends meet. Worker’s wages could not keep up with the rise in prices. The fledgling Weimar government was wracked by assassinations and uprisings.

By 1923 Germany could no longer keep up its reparation payments to France. French forces marched into the Ruhr, the main coal and steel producing area of Germany, in compensation for failed payments. Many Germans were outraged and the government called a general strike to make it impossible for the French to remain. However, the new German Chancellor, Gustav Stresemann, called off the strike and attempted to make the payments that were owed. To right wing nationalists the Weimar government had proved once again that it could not uphold German honour.

Hitler decided that this moment of crisis was the ideal opportunity to seize power, even though his party was only 3,000 strong and virtually unknown outside of Bavaria. Many of his followers were at a fever pitch of excitement and Hitler felt he needed to prove he was a man of action. Earlier in 1923, he had organised a Battle League of right wing groups to which General Ludendorff, the hero of World War One, had given his support. The plan was to win control over the right wing Bavarian government led by Gustav Kahr and then to march on Berlin and overthrow the Weimar government.

On 8 November Kahr, attended by leading members of his government, was due to give a speech at the Burgerbraukellar in Munich. Hitler surrounded the beer hall with his SA men and then brandishing a revolver, marched in and declared the national revolution. Kahr was taken aback and after indicating that he approved of Hitler’s action, slipped away with the members of his government. As news reached Berlin, the Weimar government ordered Kahr to crush the armed take-over.

The following day, Hitler risked all on an armed march through Munich, the capital of Bavaria, believing the people would rise in his support. Instead they were met with a hail of bullets and 16 Nazis were killed. Hitler was pushed or fell and then helped to escape. Arrested shortly afterwards, he was put on trial with General Ludendorff. He used the courtroom as a platform to make passionate patriotic speeches. The judges were sympathetic to his cause and although Hitler was sentenced to five years imprisonment, he was released after serving only nine months.

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More Muslim Nonces Due in Lancashire Court

Brierfield men charged with assault and child sex offences

THREE men from Brierfield have been charged with assault and child sex offences after police carried out raids across Nelson.

Shiraz Arzal, 24, of Mansfield Crescent, Brierfield, Nelson is charged with causing or inciting a girl aged between 13 and 15 to engage in sexual activity.

Mohammed Imran Amjad, 24, of Halifax Road, Brierfield, Nelson, is charged with arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence and child abduction.

Omar Mazafer, 20, of Halifax Road, Brierfield, Nelson is charged with two counts of Section 39 common assault.

All three men have been remanded into custody to appear at Burnley Magistrates’ Court on 11th March 11.

The charges follow an on-going investigation by detectives from the Freedom Team which aims to tackle child sexual exploitation in Pennine Division.

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Forced marriages ‘at record high’ – South Wales Police


“My background is quite modern. No-one had been through it in my family. I was the eldest daughter. I was going to college. I wanted to be a teacher.

One day I came home and my mum was on the phone. She put the phone down and she goes ‘they’ve got someone for you to get married to’. I was like, “me?”.

I was awoken by someone pulling me by my hair. And I felt something cold on my face, like a rifle.

A torch flashed in my face and all I saw was three men. The husband, his brother and another man.

I was going to scream. He said: “You make a sound, and I’ll kill your mother.” I remember physically shaking.

Don’t think you have to do it because that’s exactly what I thought.

They have to find the guts and the courage to speak up and ask for help.”

South Wales Police say they are dealing with the largest number of cases of forced marriage and honour based-violence they have ever seen.

In the past 12 months, the force has dealt with 49 cases of forced marriage, up from a typical 30-35, with new cases almost every week.

The four Welsh forces have been involved in about 60 cases, with four in north Wales in six months.

The figures are released to coincide with International Women’s Day.

A forced marriage, as opposed to an arranged marriage, is where either bride or groom, or both, do not consent to a wedding and are coerced into accepting it.

In many cases they are told they will bring their family shame or dishonour if they refuse.

Ch Supt Neil Kinrade, head of South Wales Police’s communities and partnerships department, said forced marriage was a “hidden harm” among some sectors of the community.

He said: “I’m pleased that we are dealing with the numbers [of cases that] we are, however, we are still only dealing with a small number of the actual incidents and practices that are taking place.

“This, amongst the community, is a hidden harm.

“It goes on and it goes on often unchecked by senior members of the community who know it’s taking place.

“I think it’s less of a problem here than perhaps places like Bradford and London, but nevertheless, it is a problem and it’s something that we need to do something about.”

He said he believed his force had taken a lead role on the issue of forced marriage, drawing up a training scheme that was now used by more than half of UK police forces.

Strategies for helping victims included supplying them with a secret mobile phone if they feared they were being lured to their family’s country of origin as a prelude to a forced marriage.

The force had also set up a “buddy” system where force marriage “survivors” were a role model to those who were now going through the trauma.

‘Complete shock’

Ch Supt Kinrade added: “We do understand the issues and I think we are becoming more effective at dealing with it but what I sense is happening is there is an East v West clash.”

He said young people were being educated in south Wales and were “very westernised” then their families give them the news that they have had a partner chosen for them.

“And that often comes as a complete shock to them, against their intent to go to university, to maybe follow a career path. And that’s where many youngsters are rejecting it,” he added.

“And I think that’s important, because here in the UK – and this is the government and the police stance – people must have their basic human rights of determining their own future.”

Gwent Police said they had 14 incidents recorded under honour-based violence in 2009/10 and a further five in 2010/11.

Dyfed-Powys Police said they had been involved in two cases of forced marriage over the past two years.

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More about the Muslim genocide of millions of black Africans using castration.

Arab historian, Ibn Khaldum wrote, “The only people who accept slavery are the Negroes, because of an inferior degree of humanity, their place being closer to the level of animals.”

To make sure these “animals” did not reproduce when they were enslaved in Arab Muslim lands, they used castration on the men, a brutal mutilation that caused the death of millions over 13 centuries. The Quran encourages the enslavement of non-Muslims and it has been estimated that Muslims have enslaved some 17 million black Africans, a practice that continues today.

In Sudan, Muslims in the North still hold tens of thousands of Black African slaves, many of them Christians from the South.

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