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Remember Who We Are (EDL Remix Feat Tommy Robinson)

The People are coming out from behind their curtains now, we the people are growing bigger than any other, we will keep our Country safe, the future is for our Children!!

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EDL Leadership’s official statement to the connection with JTF and Victor Vancier

by English Defence League (EDL) on Friday, 18 February 2011 at 15:22

Another week another story wound up into a frenzy by the far left as a recent blog quiet rightly pointed out the EDL is a wet dream for the purposeless lefties.

A member of the Jewish Division this week decided to link herself with terrorist organisation JTF. This was the decision and wishes of one single individual within the EDL, and does not in any way shape or form mean that the EDL is linked with this movement. We would like to make it clear that the decision to release a statement of this fact was done so without any consultation or agreement with anyone in the EDL leadership team.

The EDL will never be associated with something that it was formed and exists to combat and eradicate ‘TERRORISM’, and hopes its members understand and realise this.

As we have stated before hysteria and realisation in this country has seen the EDL has grown at an unprecedented rate over the 20 months of existence. Unfortunately this means it is impossible for the EDL to be held responsible for the actions of every individual, unless a decision and statement is released on the EDL official fan page or the EDL website then it does not represent the decision of the movement.

The English Defence League has worked closely with the Jewish Defence League since its formation as it has with a number of other faiths and religions. The EDL is open for all to join but its purpose still stands to defend England from Islamism and Islamists, while forging links with similar groups around the globe.

Any one person can create a story and put it on Facebook for all to see and the rumour hungry left swallow it up and spew it out with Headlines such as ‘EDL forges link with terrorist’. Well we have not and never will forge links with this group.

There are also a number of pictures that have been ‘exposed’ by the left of people wearing JTF jackets at the Luton demonstration. With over 5000 people in attendance again this is something impossible to police, and again doe not mean the EDL support this group.

The EDL will now hold further discussions with the JDL based in England and if the they continue with their plans to forge links with the terrorist JTF, the EDL will have no option but to sever its links with the JDL as we can not support terrorist sympathisers.

This however does not in anyway mean that we will sever ties with any Jewish people who wish to support the EDL and hope that the Jewish division of the EDL can grow stronger and assist us in our fight against the Islamisation of this great nation. The critical issue for the EDL is English sovereignty and opposition to Islamic Jihad.

The EDL Facebook Admin team have also become involved in a number of statements from the Jewish Division. The Leadership would like to point out that the admin team are made up of the core team that sit under the leadership in the EDL structure, they are involved in all decisions regarding the EDL movement and will continue to do so. The work these guys dedicate to the cause is unprecedented and any member of the movement should not disrespect them.

No Surrender

EDL Leadership

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EDL and Muslims talk at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London

English Defense League members and Muslims talk at Hyde Park London, after an EDL rally outside the Israeli embassy.

The views expressed in the above post are the author’s and are not intended to be construed as being those of the English Defence League.


Islamists spark anger after calling for gay-free zone in East London

Islamists in East London have sparked anger after flyposting stickers which called for a gay-free zone.

Peter Lloyd with Dylan Jones

Islamists in East London have sparked anger after flyposting stickers which called for a gay-free zone.

The stickers were distributed around the Whitechapel, Shoreditch and Poplar areas over the weekend. Specifically, they were targeted at schools and pubs, including the gay-friendly George and Dragon.

The professionally produced, anonymous stickers say: “Arise and Warn. Gay free zone. Verily Allah is severe in punishment.”

The ‘Gay free zone’ slogan is within a diagonal bar across a rainbow flag.

Equality campaigner Peter Tatchell – who has been attacked by Muslim groups three times in the capital – condemned the behaviour.

He said: “These stickers are part of a trend by Islamists and fundamentalists to target LGBT people. It is happening at universities and in communities. The main victims of this hate-mongering are LGBT Muslims.

“A venue attached to the East London mosque hosted a speaker who invited his audience to: ‘Spot the fag.’ There have been a series of homophobic threats and assaults by Asian youths on LGBT people in the East End over recent years.

“I’ve been attacked by Muslim youths three times in and around Brick Lane. In all three attacks, the assailants shouted religious slogans. My LGBT Muslim friends who live in the area are nervous and anxious. They fear attack and dare not reveal their sexuality.

“Only last week there were reports of threats being sent by Islamists to gay students at South Bank University. LGBT History Month posters have been defaced by extremist Muslim students. Several universities have hosted hate preachers who endorse the killing of LGBT people.

“I appeal to Muslim religious and political leaders in East London to speak out against homophobia. We need a clear statement from the leader of Tower Hamlets council and from the senior imam at the East London Mosque. They should publicly condemn homophobia and call for tolerance within the Muslim community.

“Both homophobia and anti-Muslim bigotry are wrong. Our communities know the pain of prejudice. LGBT and Muslim people should stand together, united against hate,” he added.

The reader who alerted us to the story confirmed that Tower Hamlets council, which is headed by a Muslim, have removed all of the stickers are working with the police to identify the perpetrators.

It comes just a week after a number of Islamic men were arrested for distributing leaflets which suggested gay people should suffer the death penalty.

“A minority of homophobes blinded by their hate and closed minded views are trying to gain power and wider voice by publicly putting up banners targeting the LGBT community,” said Ali Hilli of Iraqi LGBT.

“This small group of narrow minded people do not represent Islam or the Muslim community. In fact, a sentiment of rejection and condemnation for such a small group is growing among all Muslims. It is our duty to stop them and stand up to them whether we are Muslims, Jews or Christians.”

A spokesperson for Tower Hamlets council told us: “We work hard to actively foster a climate of acceptance and tolerance, and combat all forms of discrimination and harassment within the borough. We are appalled by the actions of those who have produced and posted these stickers. We treat issues like this very seriously, and these incidents are being investigated by the borough’s Hate Crime Team who are working alongside the local police.”


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Another failed UK Government Agency puts British citizens in danger of terrorist attacks.

Border Agency ‘puts profits first’

Hundreds of migrant workers are left living in the UK illegally as the UK Border Agency puts profits before securing the country’s borders, an independent watchdog has said.

John Vine, the independent chief inspector of the UKBA, said  the perception among staff was that the agency’s emphasis “was always on income-generating work first”.

Controlling immigration and the quality of decisions over cases were not as much of a priority as generating income and providing customer service, many staff said.

Limited resources and the lower priority of curtailment actions compared with other work which generated more income were both blamed.

Mr Vine called for the agency to act promptly to return those living in the UK illegally.

“If people no longer qualify to stay in the UK according to their visa conditions, then they must be required to leave the country,” he said.

In October 2009 Ministers came under attack for more border control chaos after the Home Office admitted losing track of over 40,000 illegal immigrants.

A senior official conceded that tens of thousands of migrants who should have left the country more than six years ago could still be here.
A trawl of files has uncovered “no ­formal record” of any of the illegals leaving the UK.
The lapse was revealed in a letter to the Commons home affairs committee from UK Border Agency chief executive Lin Homer.
She admitted that files dating from before 2003 showed people who had failed to leave after their visas expired or had been refused permission to stay.
Police records are now being examined to see if any of them are potentially “harmful” to the public.  
Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the population think tank Migrationwatch, described the revelation as “Yet another skeleton in the Home Office cupboard.” He said: “This is symptomatic of the utter chaos in the asylum and immigration system during the past 10 years. Nobody in the private sector would get away with such a performance.”
This is yet another example how are Government is soley interested in making money instead of honouring its pledge to protect UK citizens at all times.

We have people roaming around this country illegally and no doubt some of them will fall into the hands of the militants.

How long will it be before our leadership realize that we have many inadequate babbons in our own Government putting our citizens in danger, we need to take the fight to them too.

Our fight against Militant Islam is NOT our only fight.

The views expressed in the above post are the author’s and are not intended to be construed as being those of the English Defence League.

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Dispatches – Lessons in Hate and Violence

Since it’s formation in 2009, the EDL have been highlighting the problem of islamofascism within the UK and the mainstream media are now catching up with them. Channel 4 TV Dispatches goes undercover to investigate muslim teachers who regularly assault young children in the 2,000 Muslim schools in Britain run by Islamic organisations. The programme also show that, behind closed doors, Muslim secondary schools teach a message of hatred and intolerance.

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Student Protesters Can Behave If They Want To

The EDL were successfully ‘Kettled’ on  Saturday 5th January in Luton. Police tactics were the same as those  used in all three London student demonstrations. A route was agreed,  police lines were deployed to keep the marchers within that route and  organisers had their own marshals to assist.

About 2000 – 3000 potentially violent football thugs were ‘escorted’ in a moving ‘kettle’ from the railway station to St  Georges Square and then contained while they listened to speeches etc,  before being escorted back to the railway station.

St Georges Square, Luton. Taken 5 minutes after the EDL supporters left the area. Note the fencing still in place, the undamaged public phone boxes and lack of graffiti.

Here are some points:
1. They passed several unguarded police vans and did NOT trash them.
2. There was NO criminal damage or large-scale violence.
3. NO police officers were assaulted.
4 They achieved mass media coverage for their cause.
Many people are asking  why the EDL can cooperate in a perfectly  acceptable way with these tactics when according to the perceived  left-wing wisdom, ‘Kettling’ causes people to boil over and be violent?
The answer is simple:
1. They didn’t ‘kick off’ because they decided to remain peaceful because it suited their agenda.
2. The organisation itself was VERY CLEAR on social networking sites beforehand that they did not want any trouble.

Parliament Square, London. Taken the day after student protesters left the area. Students say damage to buildings is inconsequential; but who pays for repairs?

EDL supporters are as angry and frustrated about their agenda as the  students, if not more so. My view is that if the EDL can behave in  public, student protesters can too.

Or are we saying that students have more ‘anger management’ and ‘self control issues’ than football hooligans?

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Britain facing ‘unstoppable wave of home-grown suicide bombers’ warns MI6

By Daily Mail Reporter, 4th February 2011

The terrifying prospect of a wave of suicide bombings by home-grown terrorists unknown to authorities was revealed today.
The problem is set to blight Britain for a generation, an MI6 officer warned in secret intelligence documents.

The Secret Intelligence Service official warned that radicalised British Muslims who undertake training will become ‘suicide operatives’ who will target innocent civilians.

British-born terrorists were behind the July 7 2005 London bombings and the four men involved had been radicalised and received terror training abroad.
The warning came in a briefing of U.S. congressmen who visited the UK in 2008 and was contained in a cache of American diplomatic cables obtained by whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

The documents also reveal American concerns that British intelligence workers are failing to contain domestic terrororist because of budget cuts.

The warning was revealed by the Daily Telegraph as the independent reviewer of anti-terror laws claimed that European human rights rulings had made the UK a ‘safe haven’ for suspected

In his annual review of legislation, Lord Carlile of Berriew backed the Government’s attempts to deport foreign suspects with assurances over their treatment once returned home.
According to the U.S. embassy’s record of the congressmen’s visit, the MI6 official told them that the UK was ‘wholly or largely dependent’ on help from the CIA and other American sources for monitoring terrorism.
And he told them that ‘the internal threat is growing more dangerous because some extremists are conducting non-lethal training without ever leaving the country.
‘Should these extremiststhen decide to become suicide operatives, HMG (Her Majesty’s Government)
intelligence resources, eavesdropping and surveillance would be hard pressed to find them on any “radar screen”.’
The document said that the officer ‘described this as a “generational” problem that will not go away anytime soon’.

Home-grown terrorists were responsible for the July 7, 2005 London Tube bombings in which 52 people died.
They included leader Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, the Edgware Road bomber, who was the son of Pakistani immigrants and was born in this country.
His accomplice Shehzad Tanweer, 22, the Aldgate bomber, was born in Bradford and visited Pakistan for terrorist training in 2004.

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An Interview with Trevor Kelway of the EDL

Below is an interview with Trevor Kelway, of the English Defence League:

Let’s start with who the EDL are. Your website says: “The EDL was formed on the 27th of June, 2009 due to frustration at the lack of any significant action by the British Government against extremist Muslim preachers and organisations such as Islam4UK, Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Islamic Forum of Europe, the Muslim Council of Britain — the list goes on”.

Q: Is the EDL still primarily about pushing back the influence of extremist Muslim preachers and organisations? Have you developed any additional aims over the last nine months?
A: This is still our primary aim: to reverse the trend of Islamic extremism and its promoters. We are supportive of the wider aims within the UK — removing sharia law, prohibiting halal slaughter, and banning the burka.

Q: What are the EDL’s methods?
A: Our main strategy is one of peaceful protest. This is working marvellously, particularly after our successful demonstrations in London and Bolton. The British people can tell that self-discipline in the face of violent provocation is a strength. In this way we express views which are widely held amongst British people, but which media and government elites would prefer to silence.
We want ordinary people who discuss the issue in the café, to feel able to discuss it out loud without being branded racist or fascist. We’re trying to break the fear barrier, to encourage people to come out and to voice their concerns openly.

Q: Why don’t you want more sharia law in Britain?
A: We believe there should be one law for all in this country, and that law is English common law. It is divisive, and undermines British law, to allow alternative legal systems within one jurisdiction. It also encourages further self-segregation.

Q: How quickly have you grown since you started out in 2009?
A: We have grown fast since we started out, with a presence right across the country now. There has been a lot of interest in us from the wider British public, despite media suspicion. However, we have found that media interest in the Dudley demo this coming Saturday has been especially big. We think that interest will continue to grow, particularly as people see the self-control and order at our protests. We know our views are quietly shared by many ordinary people in this country.

Q: What challenges did you face at the start?
A: When we started out we received no contact from any counter-groups or media outlets. No-one asked what we are about. The sole reaction was to brand us as racists and hooligans, and other names. The result was to mislead some members of the far-right to want to join us. It also misled members of the far-left to think there was political capital to be made by attacking us. We have corrected both misconceptions. The far right now brand us as “race-traitors” — they have repeatedly threatened and physically attacked us.

Q: How do you think the EDL will continue to grow?
A: We think our continued growth will depend on our conduct at demonstrations. As people can see that we’re committed to peaceful methods, and feel comfortable joining us, we think we will continue to grow.
Q: The criticism that is frequently levelled at the EDL is that you are racist. Your website says that: “We, the English Defence League, are a grass roots social movement who represent every walk of life, every race, every creed and every colour; from the working class to middle England.” And that “Our Christian, Jewish, Sikh, and Hindu friends all have tales to tell with regard to Islamic Imperialism and ‘Orthodox Teachings’, in particular the Wahhabi/Salafi doctrine of ‘killing unbelievers if they refuse to be subdued by Islam’.” What else do you say to this charge of racism?
A: The problems of Islamic extremism are experienced by many communities, not just ethnic English people — Sikh, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, and others feel threatened. It isn’t just a “white people’s” problem. This is one of the falsehoods put about by those who would prefer to silence us.

Q: Another criticism is that you are thugs. What do you say to this?
A: Well, just look at our record: at our last two demos there were a total of 132 arrests, but only 10 of those were on the EDL side. 2 of those 10 were allowed back into the protest with no charge, and a further three were at our own request, to remove undesirables — we cheered as the police removed them.
These figures are more significant when you see them as a percentage of demonstrators. At Bolton we had 2,000 demonstrators, as opposed to the UAF’s 1,500. In London we had 800, as opposed to the UAF’s 100. So, although we had almost double the UAF’s numbers on those two demonstrations, we had a tiny fraction of the arrests.

Q: What do you say about remarks that your members are incapable of reading, writing, or reasoning?
A: How have people come to this conclusion, I’d like to know? I would have thought that ordinary people are entitled to a voice regardless of whether they can read — perhaps the anti-fascists disagree! Generalisations like this are aimed at the fact that we have working-class members. We are a grassroots movement, representing ordinary citizens from all walks of life, with the courage to make a stand. We are glad to have been founded by such people, instead of by the smooth elites.

Q: At your last demonstration, in Bolton on 20 March 2010, the BBC reported 67 arrests 3 of which were EDL people. How did this come about?
A: We have stewards who help keep order on our protests. They are 100% EDL, and 100% committed to keeping the protest safe and orderly. They respect EDL supporters, and or EDL supporters respect them. Unlike the UAF, we don’t want violence and provocation. The aim is for a peaceful protest, and good community spirit. We want support from the people in the towns where we demonstrate, e.g. Dudley tomorrow.
Q: Afterwards, one of the EDL leaders, ‘Tommy’, discussed the demonstration in a Radio Five interview, along with Martin Smith one of the UAF organisers. What happened in that interview?
A: You can hear the attitude of Martin Smith: he refused to debate with us, kept talking down the radio interviewer, and repeatedly expressed the aim of preventing us demonstrating at all. People can see this for the intolerance it is. We don’t pretend to be PR smoothies, but we are prepared to discuss the issues openly. This is what you heard on that interview.

Q: What do the UAF do at your demonstrations?
A: The UAF aim is to prevent us peacefully expressing our views. First, by blocking the route of our protest — this is where a number of the UAF arrests occur. They also try to intimidate and provoke us with threats. Then they try to smear us with chants such as “Nazi scum off our streets”. What they reveal is their intolerance for opinions they disagree with.
In Luton last year Islam4UK demonstrated against returning British troops, calling them “butchers”. Two British patriots were arrested for defending our troops by calling the Islam4UK protesters “scum” and insulting Osama Bin Laden’s mother. Why are the UAF not arrested for more provocative and intimidating chants?

Q: Have EDL members received threats? From whom?
A: Yes, we have received an ugly array of threats from UAF people, Islamic extremists, and from white supremacists. These groups are united in wanting to silence us. Perhaps they should merge into one fraternal organisation. It would be interesting to see what they name it!

Q: What do you say to unconnected members of the public who don’t like seeing demonstrations in their towns?
A: We ask them to be patient. We have no other way of getting our message heard, so it is appropriate that we use demonstrations as the way to exercise our right to free speech. The disruption is overwhelmingly caused by the UAF’s determination to prevent us being heard, and not by our demonstration itself.

Q: What do you think the danger might be if no one took the stand you are taking?
A: Our point of view would never get heard. Politically correct elites want to ignore it, and so do many mainstream journalists. But there is widespread sympathy for our view amongst the general public. It is unhealthy for any political system to suppress widely held, and reasonable, opinions.

Q: Why do you think the establishment are so hostile towards you?
A: The problem we highlight is one which politicians have themselves created, and which they dare not face up to. They lack the backbone to address it. So they keep an undignified silence, and hope they can keep it that way as long as they are around. We are forcing them to face up to problems which they have made and which they lack the ability to solve. This is inconvenient for them!

Q: What is the police attitude towards the EDL? And your attitude towards them?
A: Our relations with the police improve with each protest we run. Our liaison with them is excellent. It is important to us that our demonstrations take place in an orderly way, and the police appear to understand this. After the embarrassment of the police heavy-handedness at a Scottish Defence League protest a few weeks ago, they appear to accept that our right of peaceful protest is legitimate.

Q: EDL demonstrations are notable for people holding Israeli flags. Why is this?
A: Israel is on the front line of Islamic extremism and jihad. We support them in their struggle for survival, against lethal attack and unwarranted criticism from many quarters. Even in England it is becoming shamefully difficult for Jewish people to wear a yarmulke, or to carry an Israeli flag, in public. We would like to tell our Jewish friends that one place where they can do so safely is an EDL demo!

Q: How can sympathisers help the EDL?
A: Come and have a look at our demonstrations. Visit our website and forum — see what we’re really about. Anyone can help, whatever their particular talent!

Q: Finally, what do you say to people who might be tempted to come out in support of the EDL, but are wary because of the criticisms they have heard against you?
A:Listen to our message, and to the substance of our protests, not just the reports of the more politically correct journalists and politicians.

If you are concerned about the rise of Islamic extremism, this is the sole reason we formed our movement. Chat to our supporters online. See for yourselves. Try to see through the mist!

By Baron Bodissey – 03 April 2010

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A message from the EDL Nottingham Division

As all that travelled with the Nottingham Division to Luton will know after a fantastic demo while on the way back home the coach stopped at Newport Pagnell services during this toilet/cigarette break a group of men attacked members of our coach party, Derby division, Leicester Division, Birmingham Division and members of the public not even associated with the English Defence League.

These thugs were cowards running amok taking swipes at innocent members of our group and when confronted ran back to their coach and hid – unlike these cowards we wasn’t about to target their coach and indanger the innocent members on their coach like they had ours but that does not mean we will stand by and let you go unpunished.
Details have emerged that these cowards are NOT Part of the official Bolton Division ( please read ) but a Bolton white supremisist group using the EDL name to spread racial hatred – they are not members of the English Defence League and after causing problems at a past demo in Dudley were told not to attend future events.

Their ring leader is Kirk John Hilton – He is a known white supremacist in the Bolton area and has along with his friends been banned from ALL future EDL events.

These dirty scum bags are to be treated for what they are cowards they targeted youths and women and when the men of our divisions stood up to them they ran away, even to the point where i saw one of them assault a female whom he was traveling with so he could get past her to hide.

My final word to you Mr Hilton and your cowardly friends the Nottingham Division will never forget what you did, nor the EMI and United Midlands you are not wanted in the EDL you never will be – you are scum and you will be punished.

Please note:
The services where covered with CCTV and police are investigating the incident but the English Defence League urges those who were assulted to make complaints and get these cowardly scum of our streets.

The views expressed in the above post are the author’s and are not intended to be construed as being those of the English Defence League.

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Full list of Anti British Traitors who signed UAF Founding Statement.

Signatories to the UAF founding statement.

Please remember them and post this list far and wide

Ken Livingstone
Tony Benn
Peter Hain MP
David Hanson MP
Adam Price MP
Barbara Follett MP
Diane Abbott MP
John Cryer MP
John Trickett MP
Keith Vaz MP
Peter Bottomley MP
Alice Mahon MP
Alan Meale MP
Ian Gibson MP
Sir Teddy Taylor MP
Harry Cohen MP
Betty Williams MP
Ken Purchase MP
Laura Moffatt MP
Peter Bradley MP
Vera Baird MP
Bill Etherington MP
Edward Garnier MP
Roger Berry MP
Angela Smith MP
Brian Iddon MP
Anthony Steen MP
Mike Hancock MP
Colin Pickthall MP
Clive Betts MP
Janet Anderson MP
Neil Gerrard MP
Jane Griffiths MP
Brian Donohue MP
Helen Clark MP
Terry Davis MP
Janet Dean MP
Adrian Bailey MP
David Cameron MP
Louise Ellman MP
Eric Illsley MP
Kelvin Hopkins MP
Ernie Ross MP
Rob Marris MP
Martin Caton MP
Jim Sheridan MP
Martin Jones MP
Paul Tyler MP
Colin Challen MP
David Wright MP
Rudi Vis MP
Tony Worthington MP
Derek Watts MP
Julie Morgan MP
Rev W Martin Smyth MP
Diana Organ MP
Doug Henderson MP
Barry Gardiner MP
Brendan Barber TUC General Secretary
Roger Lyons TUC President and AMICUS Joint Gen Sec
Dave Prentis UNISON Gen Sec
Tony Woodley TGWU Gen Sec
Billy Hayes CWU Gen Sec
Sir Bill Connor Gen Sec USDAW
Andy Gilchrest FBU Gen Sec
Gordon Taylor Chief Exec PFA
Adrian Askew CONNECT Gen Sec
Bob Crow RMT Gen Sec
Doug Nichols CYWU Gen Sec
Ed Sweeney UNIFI Gen Sec
Janice Godrich PCS President
Jeremy Dear NUJ Gen Sec
Judy McKnight NAPO Gen Sec
Kevin Curran GMB Gen Sec
Mark Serwotka PCS Gen Sec
Paul Mackney NATHFHE Gen Sec
Peter Pendle ACM Gen Sec
Rosie Eagleson AMO Gen Sec
Steve Kemp NUM Gen sec
Sally Hunt AUT Gen Sec
Glenys Kinnock MEP
Gary Titley MEP
Linda McAvan MEP
Glyn Ford MEP
Chris Heaton-Harris MEP
Claude Moraes MEP
Phillip Whitehead MEP
Stephen Hughes MEP

David Seymour Political Editor, Daily Mirror
Mark Seddon Tribune Editor
Afzal Khan North West rep Muslim Council of Britain
Dr. Richard Stone
Lawrie & Ruby Nerva Poale Zion
Kashmir Singh General Sec British Sikh Federation
Benjamin Zephaniah Poet
Beresford Mack Choice FM
Bobbie Miles The 1990 Trust, Asst. Director
Carolyn Jones Director, Institute of Employment Rights
Clive Mardner Director Essex REC
Dr. Siddiqui Muslim Parliament
George Anthony-Maggie Bowden Liberation
Hilary Wainwright Editor, Red Pepper
John Haylett Editor, Morning Star
Leroy Logan Metrpolitan Black Police Association Chair
Louise Christian Human Rights Lawyer
Louise Hutchins NUS/SAAR,
Luciana Burger NUS
Paul Foot Journalist
Mark Steele Journalist
Roni Size Musician
Michael Rosen writer
Laurie Heselden Acting Regional Secretary SERTUC
Essex Racial Equality Council
Liberal Democrats North West Region
Mohammed Azam Coalition Against Racism – Unite to Stop the BNP
Jason Fraser Photo Journalist

Supporting bands include:

Bernard Butler
The Chemical Brothers
Country Teasers
Damian Rice
The Datsuns
David Gray
Dan Martin from Electric 6
Fourtet (Kieron Hebden)
Franz Ferdinand
Future Pilot AKA
The Glitterati
Hot Chip
James Yorkston and The Athletes
Jarvis Cocker
King Creosete and The Fence Collective
Kings of Leon
The Libertines
Suggs and Madness
Massive Attack
Max Tundra
The Rebel
Saint Etienne
The Strokes
Teenage Fanclub
X is Loaded

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